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Transform your daily routines with our practical tips and home advice. Learn how to streamline your household tasks, eliminate the stress of chores, and embrace energy-saving solutions. With AEG, discover how a sustainable lifestyle can coexist with unparalleled comfort.

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Maximize your device's potential — from culinary perfection with smart cooking to optimizing your laundry schedule. Explore how remote controls, voice commands, and innovative applications can transform your daily life.

Step Towards a Lower-Impact Lifestyle

Explore the path to a more eco-conscious way of living and discover how making small changes in your home can have a big impact on the world — while ensuring top-quality performance.

Create with AEG Premier Partner Studio

Step into the world of Scandinavian design with the AEG Premier Partner Studio, where the expertise of professionals and unique benefits come together to enhance your kitchen experience.

Buying Guides

Discover our comprehensive buying guides tailored to assist you in selecting the perfect home appliance that aligns precisely with your unique needs and preferences. Explore now for informed choices!

  • AEG washer dryer with a black background
    Simplify Your Laundry Day

    Discover how our washing machines can revolutionize your laundry routine. They're built for efficiency, offering outstanding cleaning at lower temperatures, and tailored to fit your space and lifestyle. Our guide is here to help you find your ideal match.

  • AEG tumble dryer containing a red fabric.
    Elevate Your Drying Experience

    Experience the difference with our energy-saving tumble dryers. They're designed to make every laundry day a breeze while being kind to your bills and the environment. Let our buying guide lead you to the perfect model for your home.

  • Woman leaning against an AEG washer-dryer.
    The Ultimate Washer-Dryer Harmony

    Explore our innovative washer-dryers that blend convenience with care. These all-in-one solutions are engineered to simplify your laundry tasks while preserving the quality of your clothes. Our comprehensive guide will assist you in selecting the washer-dryer that meets your needs and complements your space.

  • Close-up of AEG freezer.
    Preserve Freshness Perfectly

    Unveil the future of food preservation with our cutting-edge, energy-efficient freezers. Our buying guide is your ally in finding the ideal freezer, fitting both your space and lifestyle, from compact models to more expansive solutions.

  • AEG fridge filled with food.
    Lock in Freshness and Taste

    Experience the best of both worlds with our energy-efficient fridge-freezers. They're crafted to extend the freshness, taste, and nutritional value of your food. Dive into our buying guide to find a fridge-freezer that aligns with your culinary habits and fits seamlessly into your kitchen.

  • Oven from AEG in a kitchen area.
    Unleash Your Culinary Potential

    Elevate your cooking with our state-of-the-art ovens, featuring smart technology for effortless meal preparation. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a culinary novice, our buying guide will help you discover the oven that meets your cooking needs and complements your kitchen's dimensions

  • Food cooking in a pot placed on an AEG hob.
    Elevate Your Kitchen Craft

    Experience the epitome of control with our premium hobs, designed for the discerning chef who values precision in cooking, frying, steaming, or sautéing. Our curated guide is here to assist you in selecting a hob that seamlessly integrates with your sophisticated culinary practices and kitchen dimensions.

  • AEG cooker displayed against a grey background.
    Culinary Excellence Made Simple

    Unveil the secret to effortless gourmet meals with our elite cookers. Tailored for those who prioritize health and nutrition without compromising on taste, our buying guide provides a pathway to choosing a cooker that complements your refined cooking style and fits elegantly within your kitchen space.

  • Food cooking on a plancha grill placed on an AEG hob.
    Breathe Easy in Your Kitchen

    Keep your kitchen atmosphere pristine with our energy-efficient hoods, designed to remove odors and steam effortlessly. Our buying guide will assist you in finding the hood that meets your kitchen's needs and space.

  • Air purifier next to a sofa in a living room
    Purify Your Living Spaces

    Enhance your home's air quality with our advanced air purifiers, designed to eliminate allergens and pollutants for healthier breathing. Explore our guide to choose the air purifier that fits your living environment.

  • AEG vacuum cleaner in the middle of a living room
    Spotless Floors Made Simple

    Experience the ease of cleaning with our powerful corded vacuum cleaners, engineered for all floor types. Let our buying guide lead you to the vacuum cleaner that complements your cleaning routine and space.

  • Cordless cleaner from AEG placed in a hallway.
    Unleash Cordless Cleaning Power

    Embrace the flexibility of cordless vacuuming, combining high suction strength with effortless maneuverability. Our buying guide is here to help you select the cordless vacuum cleaner that fits your lifestyle and home layout.